Op Ed Opinion – George Brunt

The legislature has got HB 139 completely right.

Demo Permits:  Idaho is the only state that requires a demo permit to practice cosmetology outside of a licensed establishment.  HB 139 does away with that antiquated requirement and trusts licensed professionals to properly practice their profession where ever they do work.  This allows them to visit convalescent centers, dramatic production sets etc., like cosmetologists in all of the other 49 states.

Hour Requirement:  46 states require less than 2000 hours to obtain a cosmetology license.  40 states are 1600 hours or less.  It cost the student about $4,000 to $8000 more to complete in a 2000 hour state and the majority of school owners in the state believe that the 2000 hour requirement is excessive and that a full and complete cosmetology education should take place in 1600 hours or less.  This is true even though many schools make much of their profit from the students being at the school and working on clients for the school on the clinic floor.  1600 hours is simply better for the student.  I guarantee that my students from Oklahoma or Arkansas (1500 hour states) are completely equivalent to my students in Idaho.  HB 139 lowers the hour requirement to 1600 like Utah, Washington and Montana.

Freelance Makeup Artists:  Idaho is the only state that does not allow freelance makeup artists to practice their profession.  The Future Professionals Make Up Academy (www.futureprofessionalsmakeupacademy.com) fully prepares and certifies makeup professionals.  HB139 allows makeup professionals to work weddings, photo shoots, movies and to practice their art.

HB 139 is a good bill and well thought through.  Our Paul Mitchell schools educate around 300 of the 1000 cosmetology students in Idaho each year.  We urge the Idaho Congress to pass this bill which favors small business, freelance artists and the economy.  It reduces regulation and modernizes Idaho law.

(note:  a minority of schools are opposed to this bill who are members of the association)

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